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The official illustrated dog map of the world

The official illustrated dog map of the world

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Pictorial color map of the world with the different varietis of dogs.

Contains compass rose cartouche depicting mermaids. Framed with illustration of different breeds of dogs. Each dog is depicted in a small, but detailed illustration accompanied by its name, weight, date and place of origin. Includes legend: The numbers indicating the countries of origin on the map correspond to the numbers beside each bread and description.

Notes: "The bread illustrated here are those for which the American Kennel Club provides registration"

The poster contains pictures of 115 breeds from the griffon, wirehaired pointer to the schipperke.

Available on either 170gsm matt poster paper or 200gsm silk poster paper, in either 20" x 24" or 34" x 28"

For orders outside the UK please expect delivery between 2 to 4 weeks.

Posters are enveloped within polythene tubing and sent in a rigid postal tube.
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